Kimmy eats Salmon… no longer Vegetarian!

Our 11 year old son and raging carnivore, Kagen, had never seen me eat meat of any kind before today. And likely never would have, if we did not decide to stop dreaming about adventure cycling and start doing it. The more we research, the more obvious it becomes that ‘me eating fish’ would sure make this trip a lot easier.

Today, Kagen had the chance to serve me a salmon sandwich in which he helped prepare. He was thrilled!

And now I’m a reluctant but official pescatarian. I got most of the salmon down and was neither excited about eating it, nor completely horrified. It simply felt like the utilitarian practice it was – in addition to, of course, my experiencing a vague vegetarian notion that I was completely letting down the universe.  🙂

– Kimmy

UPDATE: I got indigestion later in the evening. Took some Tums and it went away, just like Aaron said it would. Came back at midnight. Taking more antacids now.

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