Instant Coffee Lineup

We truly love freshly ground coffee but if we could get on by instant… it seems like it would be cleaner and simpler.*

*Haha… I’m also looking for any and all ways to shed weight to make up for my outrageous preference for the Big Agnes Dream Island 15 sleeping bag and Double Z sleeping pads. Losing one coffee pot isn’t going to do it, but I have other ideas!


So I decided to put together the instant coffee lineup using national grocery store brands.

Over the course of a few days, Aaron and I tried different combos of creamer and instant coffee. Yeah, no surprise… instant coffee and creamer make for poor substitutes.


I prefer my coffee black, and I am okay with the Folgers instant coffee bags because the resulting “coffee” has a lesser burnt chemical flavor than the others. Aaron was okay with Maxwell House International instant flavored coffees – but I find the flavors too weird.

Surprisingly, we *both agreed* on the best one – Folgers instant cappuccino. AND we both kinda actually like it. It’s weird in a good chemically tasting way that we shouldn’t like at all, but both kinda do.

So we are going to get by on instant coffees and hope the Folgers instant cappuccino is readily available. Worst case, and very possible case, we pick up a camping coffee press along the way. 🙂

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