Cheesy Tuna SURPRISE x3!

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, I resented the weird boxed meals and endless euphemisms for crappy casseroles. By 11 years old, my parents and I finally managed to work out a deal – I could *finally* be vegetarian, but I also had to be responsible for cooking my own meals and paying for any items that did not fall within normal family fare.


[Insert here: 80s montage of lots and lots of failed attempts with tofu before I got it right!]

So all these years later, here I am looking for convenient stand alone backup meals that are light and really fast to prepare with a touch of “comfort food” – for those days when nothing seems to be going right out on the road. (Aaron says, “It can’t all be quinoa and couscous.”)


For this bicycle touring test, I am using packaged pasta with cheese sauce, a package of tuna, powdered milk, and cheddar cheese*.


THE RESULTS:  3 Surprises

The FIRST surprise was that I was willing to make something like this for dinner.

The SECOND surprise was that I named it, “Cheesy Tuna Surprise.”

The THIRD surprise was that both Aaron and Kagen liked it.

Kagen even rated it, “5 stars and “E” for everyone!”

I rated it, “No way, José.”

– Kimmy

*I am planning on carrying cheddar cheese!


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